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We introduce ourselves as one of the financial consultants rendering consultancy business for various clients based out of Kolkata

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I am impressed with John's achievements. Time and time again, I can depend on John to accomplish the job. He never lets me down and develops creative ways to solve the problem."Henric R. Schwartz, Managing Director SAFETECH International (New York USA & Germany)

With the increasing threat of terrorism, narcotics trafficking and overall crime in New York City and the World, John has been able to meet these threats and do his part to stop the problem."Coronel Julio Campos, National Department of Investigations(Dominican Republic)

Honorable and determined, John will meet all your expectations. Mr. Benjamin Matos, Public Rlations Director, Premier Resorts & Hotels (Dominican Republic)

We were really impressed with the security plans and products of ESCC. Both (security plans and products) are top of the line and high quality. Steve Kivlen, KTR Newmark(New York, USA)

We have found ESCC to be extremely dependable and professional. They came in, assessed the situation, and presented us a plan within a couple days. Enrique Agana, President/CEO Entertainment Asia Co. (Philippines)

ESCC has produced fantastic results that have proven that a good security system will decrease outside threats. I would highly recommend the services of ESCC. Mr. Rafeal Bonilla, Bavaro Business Associate(Dominican Republic)

Security is extremely important in this day in age. ESCC has the latest equipment and a highly trained personnel. Lt. Coronel Andres Ventura, Dominican National Police (Dominican Republic)

I feel completely protected with ESCC. The quality of service and meticulous staff have left me feeling at ease. Mr. Priam Sen, President, Monarch Corp.(India)

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